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First Power-Up

In 2018 the First Robotics game was First Power-Up.  Each team has to build a robot that was able to pick up a milk crate and place it on either a switch or scale. Towards the end of the match your robot also has the chance to "climb". Before the match begins your team is placed in an alliance. The alliance will have two other teams from all around the country on your alliance. Your job is to talk about strategy and work together to defeat the other team.

In the first fifteen seconds of the match your robot should be programmed to do autonomous. Autonomous is when your robot moves without anyone operating it. After autonomous your driver can then operate the robot.

When your alliance places the crate on the scale and switch you get 1 point for every second your alliance has control over the scale or switch. You can also get points and power ups by putting the milk crate into the exchange. When you put the milk crate into the exchange. One of the people from the team your working with will put it into your vault for power ups. There are three power ups available, boost, force, and levitate.

In order for all three power ups to work you have to have three milk crates in each vault. When they push the button for force you get ownership of the switch and scale for ten seconds. When you push the button to activate the boost power up you get ownership of both the alliance's switch and scale for two points per second for ten seconds. The levitate power up gives your team an extra "climb" just in case one of the robots on your team can't "climb".
When you put the crate through the exchange you get five points for every crate that goes through the exchange. If all three of the robots on your alliance "climbed" at the end of the match each team gets a ranking point. If all three of the robots has an autonomous program that works and get get there robot passed the auto line then your alliance receives a ranking point. You get another ranking point if your alliance wins the match. Ranking points are points that are credited to a team based on there alliance's performance in qualification matches. To watch the game animation and to get more info click on the link:



switch picture.PNG



Power Cubes (milk crates)



About the 2018 Team

In 2018 TC Robotics had eleven students and ten mentors. We had three seniors, four juniors, one sophomore, and three freshmen from five different schools. Out of the eleven students we had two home schooled students. In the 2018 season our team was a rookie team and attended the Northern Lights Regional and the Seven Rivers Regional.

Our team won the Northern Lights Regional and came in third for the Seven Rivers Regional. With us winning the Northern Lights Regional we had the opportunity to go to Worlds in Detroit.

When we attended Worlds we tried our hardest and gave it everything we had but sadly we placed 59th. Even though we won most of our matches at Worlds we were still placed pretty low. 

To see our Northern Lights Regional final match please click the link. We are on the red alliance:

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 11.53.35
Team Picture .JPG

2018 Highlights

TC Robotics had a very successful rookie year; being in a winning alliance was one of their greatest achievements and it qualified them for the world championship in Detroit, MI. Spencer Weaver took the time to make a video that summarizes the accomplishments of 7021 in 2018. We can't wait to see what will happen in 2019!



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