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Destination Deep Space

This years game is Destination Deep Space. Teams must design a robot that can pick up a ball and shoot it into a rocket or into the cargo ship. Robots also have to be able to place a hatch panel onto the rocket ship and cargo ship.  At the end of the match robots must climb a HAB platform.

Just like last year your team will be placed on an alliance with two other teams. Your alliance will talk about strategy and how to beat the other alliance. In the first 15 seconds you can chose to program the robot to be autonomous, drive the robot while not being able to see, or using visual feedback.

Autonomous is when the robot moves without anyone operating it. During the first 15 seconds  a "sandstorm" will blow through and make both alliances unable to see what the robot is doing. During the sandstorm is when you will decide if you want to use autonomous, drive while not seeing, or use the visual feedback.

After the autonomous period the sandstorm will pass through and both alliances will be able to operate the robot. If all three robots in your alliance cross the autonomous line then your alliance will receive three points. Hatch panels must be securely attached to either the cargo ship or rocket ship in order to get two points per panel. For every cargo ship that has a hatch panel holding in the cargo (the balls) the alliance will get three points.
At the end of the match if one robot "climbs" the HAB platform then your team will receive three points. If two robots "climb" the HAB platform then your alliance will get six points. You will get twelve points if all three robots "climb" the HAB platform. 
If your alliance fills up one rocket ship that consist of six hatch panels and six cargoes your alliance will get one ranking point for every rocket ship filled. If your alliance wins you will receive two ranking point. Ranking points are points that are credited to a team based on there alliance's performance in qualification matches. For more information on 2019 game click the link:

rockey ship.PNG

Cargo and Hatch Panel


Rocket Ship

cargo ship.PNG

Cargo Ship


HAB Platform

About the 2019 Team

This year Trempealeau County Robotics has ten students and ten mentors. We all our excited to compete this year in Destination Deep Space. We are also excited to be attending the Iowa regional for our first time. We will also be going to The Seven Rivers Regional again this year. 

When we attended the Iowa Regional we struggled the first day of practice. Thankfully our drive team fixed all of our major problems before the competition started on Friday. We were running in the top five for most of the day, but had some problems and was moved down to ninth at the end of the day. When we competed Saturday in our two matches before the playoffs we were able to move up to eighth and get a spot in the playoffs. We picked an alliance and made it to the semi finals and sadly ended up coming close but fell short of winning. We placed third and are happy with the way we ran both Friday and Saturday. 

During the off season in 2019, Trempealeau Country Robotics traveled to three different off season events. In July we traveled to Duluth, Mn to compete in the Gitchi Gummi competition. We placed fourth.

In September we traveled to Woodbury, Mn to compete in the EMCC competition. After a rough competition season we finally snagged a win at the EMCC competition.  Lastly, we traveled to Prior Lake, Mn to compete in the Minne Mini. After lots of practicing we were able to come home with another win. 


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