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The robot has a 100% custom made 3/8'' 6061 aluminum sheet that was made using our waterjet. 

All of the parts were either made on our waterjet or Hass CNC machines. 

We also 3D printed some of our parts with Carbonx filament that has Carbon Fiber in it for added strength. 

Drivetrain and Intake

The robot has 4 VEX 6'' omni wheels and 4 AndyMark 6'' rubber treaded wheels, ran by 4 falcon 500 motors. 


The robot also has 6'' Omni wheels on the ends with 1/8 raise to only accommodate better driving and turning  control. 

The intake has 2 sets of 2'' AndyMark compliant wheels to drive balls over the bumpers and into the accumulator. 

The intake is belt driven by one falcon 500 motor. 


The accumulator utilizes two sections to achieve carrying two balls, driven by 3 falcon 500 motors.

It has two retro-reflective sensors to separate the motor driven sections so balls do not contact each other.

It also has belts to drive the balls back towards the turret and shooter. 


The shooter utilizes 3D printed gears that rotate the shooter 180 degrees. 

We use one falcon 500 motor and belts to drive our shooter wheels. 

We use a limelight camera to locate the vision target and automatically aim and shoot. The camera and programming also compute the distance away from the target to adjust the RPMs of the shooter. 


The robot has a command based structure that allows parallel operation of subsystems  

It has an autonomous chase and intake of balls. 

It developed code this year to integrate Pathweaver capabilities.

Operator Control Station

The robot was designed with two different custom input and output boards using an Arduino processor to communicate with driver station. 

On our input board, we have 10 push buttons for different robot commands like running the intake and aiming the shooter. 

We also utilize two 8'' screens to see what the two limelight cameras can see. We use one to intake balls and the other for seeing the target for shooting. 

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