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Chassis and Drivetrain

The chassis is 100% made from 1/4'' 6061 aluminum sheets using our waterjet. 

All of the parts of the chassis were either made on our waterjet or Haas CNC machines. 

The drivetrain has 6'' VEX mecanum wheels with one large CIM motor per wheel. 

The drivetrain also has 6'' Omni wheels in the with 1/8 raise to only accommodate support when lifting on habitat. 

Rear Lift

Our two rear wheels travel up and down on two Hiwin linear bearings and rails for Habitat climbing. 

Using an Igus lead screw and Drylin nut to move the rear end with a redline motor and AndyMark 4:1 gearbox. 

We are using a 360 pulse per revolution rotary encoder for accurate positioning. 

The rear lift uses two automaton Direct proximity sensors for over travel limits.

We are using an Igus cat track for wire management. 

Elevator Extend and Retract 

The elevator extends and retracts on two Hiwin linear bearings and rails. 

It is driven by a relines motor and AndyMark 12:1 gearbox. 

It uses two Automaton Direct proximity sensors for over travel limits. 

It also uses a 360 pulse per revolution rotary encoder for accurate positioning.

Also uses an Igus cat track for wire management. 

Elevator Up/Down

The elevator is lifted using a standard CIM motor and AndyMark 36:1 gearbox. 

The mast is made from 80/20 20mm extrusion.

It has custom rollers and brackets for guides. 

It utilizes rope for pulling up and pulling down effect for 3 stages. 

It also uses 3 Automation Direct proximity switches for over travel limits. 

Uses Igus cat track for all wire management. 

Uses a 360 pulse per revolution encoder for accurate positioning.

Intake System and Limelight 

Two green 4'' AandyMark wheels driven by two Redline motors with 12:1 gear boxes for Cargo. 

It uses a custom vacuum pump that was modified by our team using COP motor. 

Schmalz spring plungers and vacuum cups for Hatch. 

For the limelight, for sandstorm period as well as locating the Hatch and Cargo positions. 

The limelight has ball and reflective indicator tracking. 


Command based structure to allow parallel operation of subsystems. 

Elevator up/down, forward/ back operated on PID controllers to allow smooth approach and holding positions. 

Final climb for top and mid-level platforms automated to perform with a button press. 

Vacuum switch turns on light on operator panel so operator knows when he has grasp of hatch panel. 

Driver can side shift robot in manual mode to line up with targets. 

Safety code prevents motors from driving past limits. 

Autonomous chase and intake of balls.

Autonomous alignment and intake of hatch panel from loading station. 

Operator Control Station 

Designed two different custom input and output boards using an Arduino processor to communicate with drive station. 

On our input board, we have 16 Siemens push buttons for elevator positions and autonomous Habitat climbing. 

On our output board, we are receiving signals from the robot and turning on Siemens indicator lights for vacuum present switch for the hatch panel and for end game activated indication. 

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